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Preschool Program

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Preschool at Creative Hands offers an opportunity for students to start their school journey in a play-based environment. We believe that children learn best through play! Each day, our Preschoolers have the opportunity to enjoy a mix of free play, outside play, guided and open-ended art projects, circle time, story time, music/movement, snack, and sensory bin discovery.


Our classroom includes a rotating dramatic play area that allows children to use their imaginations as they begin to transitioning from playing side-by-side to truly engaging in play with their peers. The current dramatic play theme (space, farm, grocery store, etc) is reflected throughout the classroom.


Our teacher and parent teachers model sharing, curiosity, fun, and good conflict management techniques to our students as our students practice the beginnings of good classroom habits (taking turns, listening to our friends, raising hands, using our words, etc).


The class goes on quarterly field trips, and enjoys class parties (including Halloween, holiday party, and Valentine's Day). 

A Typical Day

Free Choice

Children have the opportunity to explore the classroom at their own pace. Activities offered include: dramatic play, cars/blocks, tray games, sensory bins, playdough/slime, art, guided art project, science discovery.


Every day is art day at Creative Hands. Easels are always set up for painting, and the art station is always available for creative art play. Each day a parent teacher also engages each student in a guided art project - painting upside down, self portraits, marble rolling, shape art, color mixing, etc. 

Other Fun

From class parties to field trips... we like to find lots of ways to engage our students and their families while creating community!

Circle Time

The class gathers together for a chance to talk about concepts, read a story, and get those wiggles out through music, movement and singing. 

Outside Play

Rain or shine, we go outside! Whether playing on the play structure, shooting hoops, playing pretend in the playhouses, baking at the mud kitchen, or digging in the sand or rock pits, we have lots of fun while practicing our gross motor skills!

Group Snack

Families take turns providing snacks for the whole class. Children sit together and engage in social time and practicing good manners while eating.

I liked the small teacher/parent-to-child ratio that was made possible by the co-op model. I also really liked that I would have the opportunity to see what was happening in the classroom firsthand and be a small part of the experience. 

-Colleen, parent

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